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The completion of a series of 35 books on mission and world Christianity was cause for celebration at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies on Friday 4 September. The Regnum Edinburgh Centenary Series grew out of the Edinburgh 2010 project. Five years on, the series has become the most comprehensive and accessible study of contemporary Christianity. 80 mission thinkers joined the series editors to mark the close of a series that is remarkable for its global scope. It aims not only to be a scholarly resource but also to build mutual understanding among the churches. The 600 contributors are from all continents – with a special focus on Asia, Africa and Oceania – and all strands of Christianity – Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Evangelical, Pentecostal. Published by Regnum Books International in the UK and Wipf and Stock in the USA, the series is also made available in through a world library programme and through electronic download to encourage further study and collaboration in mission. Topics include Freedom of Belief; Global Diasporas; Mission at and from the Margins; Christian Communities in Global Societies; Ministry of Reconciliation; Authentic Discipleship; Christian Mission among Other Faiths;and Creation Care. For further information visit www.ocms.ac.uk/regnum/edinburghIMG_4602.

There’s more books than meets the eye.

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Smales-Cover-front-final-1NEW PUBLICATION:

This monumental effort leaves no stone unturned. The depth of research is phenomenal. Nigel has elevated our wee village to a very high position in the still unfolding history of England.
Taplow should be proud of him.

Alistair Forsyth (20th October 2014)

Regnum Books International continues to publish leading books from the global south looking at issues in missiology from a theological, historical and sociological perspective. Three recent titles show the breadth of the titles involved – from South America, Africa and Asia, and from a sociological, theological and historical perspective. Kwabena-Sighs and Signs-frontEngelsviken - A Passion for China - frontBullon-front-draft


Words by Design books win accolade

The editors of the INTERNATIONAL BULLETIN OF MISSIONARY RESEARCH, after consultation with numerous distinguished scholars from around the world, have selected fifteen books published in 2014 for special recognition of their contribution to mission studies. We commend the authors, editors, and publishers represented here for their contribution to the advancement of scholarship in studies of the Christian mission and world Christianity.

Seeing New Facets-frontRead the detailed list hereED-Lausanne-front


A history of the people of a mountainy parish in Co Cork
This book faces the impossible. How to construct a viable history for a place whose earliest written record is a questionable entry in the Annals for 836 AD. This parish is always at the crossroads of events that wheel around it, never at the centre. And yet it can claim a provable continuity from the earliest settlement 3501 years ago.  Ancient, contemporary and modern sources are evaluated for any relevance to  this parish alongside the enduring patterns of stone and land shape.

Brief notes point to a full bibliography. And there is an enclosed CD for further study that provides complete copies of original sources, thanks to enlightened permissions from the respective owners. The CD also includes an explosion of colour photographs taken over the last quarter century. So, a touch of both print and digital delight.
The text is uncluttered to provide smooth reading even though the serious stuff is not too far away. And there should be space for a smile among the ill-hidden preconceptions of the author. It may not be the easiest of reads but should be fun.
The author enjoys an unassuming life in Northampton-shire, picking up the undeserved indolent prosperity that was earned by the previous generation. He views with horror the impending less affluent lives of his grandchildren. He arrived at one of the new Catholic Grammar schools immediately after the war, progressed to London University and taught English and Geography in a series of Comprehensive schools. Twenty years after retirement he finally concluded this history of Ballyvourney.


Military Personnel

John Holroyd and his wife Janice have put together a book paying tribute to their ancestors who have served in the forces. Tribute to the Military Personnel of the Extended Holroyd & Deathe Families is a detailed examination of all areas of service, and a wealth of information for their family, researchers into the two family names, and local historians. And full of amazing detail! Holroyd-cover-front

80th Birthday Celebrations

gray-bio-frontElisabeth Gray recently celebrated her 80th birthday. And with a life that included growing up in Egypt, spending four years in Indonesia in the early 1960s, traveling the world and raising three sons, she celebrated with not one but TWO books. Her memoirs, Que Cera Cera, were also supplemented with a book of letters, Dear Mummy and Pop, which she sent home to her parents during her Indonesia years. Fascinating insights into the changing world, and of course, into her life! gray-indoletters-front

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Office re-fit allows us to show off the range of books we have been involved in. Always like a challenge, so if there’s a type of book you think we should add to the range, let us know!IMG_0241 IMG_0239 IMG_0240 IMG_0243 IMG_0242